Thursday, March 5, 2009

TX: Mother seeking answers after alleged special-ed child abuse

Posted: March 4, 2009 11:22 PM EST

By Kevin Davis

KILLEEN - Maria Morales didn't know what to do when she saw five-finger scratches up and down her child's back. Her son, Jose, told her that his teacher at Timber Ridge school in Killeen had been responsible.

She went to the principal but was told there was no way it could have been the teacher responsible. A psychologist morales had hired said her son had suffered a traumatic event, and now had become aggressive. According to Morales, even KISD employees had tried to intervene to help her son.

"A school employee called CPS to report my son was being mistreated at school. They found out they pushed him and hit him in the face."

After months of wrangling with KISD police, Killeen police, and the school, she finally was able to press charges. That's when Morales said the teacher was given a choice.

"They gave her the option to quit or be fired, and she quit", Morales said.

News Channel 25 spoke with KISD, who released a two-line statement:

"There was an investigation into the teacher in question. She has since resigned."

The school would not comment whether Morales' belief that the resignation had anything to do with the investigation, nor would they comment on the results of that investigation.

Morales is happy the teacher is gone from the school, but she wants an explanation for what happened. Her son has now become aggressive and is one suspension away from being expelled. She hopes that bringing this story to light will help explain why her son is acting out, and to keep her son in school.

News Channel 25 tried to locate the teacher in question for comment but was unsuccessful.

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