Monday, January 11, 2010

AR: 11 year old Autistic boy, IQ of 68, charged with Felonious Assault January 10th, 2010

http://www.theautis 2010/01/10/ 11-year-old- autistic- boy-iq-of- 68-charged- with-felonious- assault/

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11 year old Zakhqurey Price, has struggled to cope at the Beard Elementary School in Fort Smith, Arkansas, after repeated attempts by his parents to ensure the delivery of the support recommended by the Ozark Guidance and Counseling Center, which included a full-time 1 on 1 aide, failed.

They cornered him and tried to take him down

On Oct 30th, Zakhqurey exhibited behaviors manifested by his Autism, which led to restraints. The police were called. In the process of attempting to restrain him, two staff members were injured and filed felony charges against the 11 year old child.

Taken away in handcuffs and booked

They cornered him and tried to take him down, he fought back. There were very minor injuries to principal and teacher. The fifth grader was taken away in handcuffs and booked with juvenile criminals. He has an IQ of 68

Zak is due in court this Monday morning and faces being detained for at least a month at a Mental Institute for assessment.

His parents have launched an the Zakh Appeal for help to pay for a specialist lawyer to represent them.

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