Monday, February 1, 2010

OH: Abuse Case Against Local Teacher Dismissed

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Reported by: Lance Barry
Last Update: 12:47 pm

COLERAIN TWP., Ohio -- A teacher at St. John the Baptist School has been cleared of criminal charges after another teacher turned her in last year for being physical with a child.

Kathleen Winters, 57, of Fairfield saw her disorderly conduct charge dismissed on Friday by Hamilton County Judge Bernie Bouchard.

Winters was cited last October in the alleged incident that dated back to August 26.


Winters allegedly grabbed the arm of a 6-year-old student and pulled him away from a drinking fountain, while lecturing him.

It happened in front of another teacher who had escorted the student to the drinking fountain.

9News has learned the child in question has a medical condition that requires him to rehydrate often.

According to Colerain police, Winters was responsible for a group of students in a gym class. Those students were in line at the fountain when the 6-year-old was allowed in to the fountain.

"This case involved an attempt to maintain order in a classroom," Blankenship said. "There was no injury, no physical force, and no risk of injury. This teacher simply attempted to redirect a student away from the water fountain, since he wasn't supposed to be there. We intend to bring legal action against the school and all of those individuals who were involved in the persecution of this dedicated and innocent teacher."

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