Thursday, August 5, 2010

PA: Pittsburgh Public Schools Settle Suit over Girl's Anorexia, Taunting

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A former student at Frick Middle School who claimed that teasing from fellow students about her weight -- and the administration's failure to halt the abuse -- led her to develop anorexia has agreed to settle her federal lawsuit.

Filed by the girl, identified as "B.G." and her mother, "Mary V." in U.S. District Court last August citing a hostile school environment, the suit will settle for $55,000, as well as the cost of mediation.

The Pittsburgh Public Schools board approved the settlement in May. However, according to the plaintiffs' lawyer, he has been unable to get in touch with his client since then.

"Mary V. has ceased communications with her counsel. She has failed to return phone calls or respond to correspondence," wrote Edward G. Olds in a motion to the court last week.

The only issue left open at the time of the mediation, Mr. Olds said, was the division of the settlement proceeds between the mother and daughter.

U.S. District Judge Donetta W. Ambrose has scheduled a hearing on the settlement for today.

Schools Solicitor Ira Weiss said he is hoping that Judge Ambrose will issue an order enforcing the settlement action.

"It is not uncommon for parties to seek court intervention to enforce a settlement," Mr. Weiss said.

At the time of mediation, he added, all of the parties were present and signed a summary of what they expected the settlement to be.

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