Friday, October 10, 2008

Action Alert: Washington State

Author's Note: While children with disabilitites may benefit from vocational training, the big difference here is that the IEP team - including the parents - has not made the determination that each child involved NEEDS this type of training AND the PARENTS didn't know anything about this until recently, when someone "let the cat out of the bag."

A protest has been staged for Monday, October 13, 2008 at the Puyallup High School from 1:30 to 3:00 pm. Please consider adding your support to their efforts. For more information, please see below.

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Did you know that special needs children in the Puyallup School
District (WA) are being required to empty trash and paper bins, pick
up school grounds litter which includes cigarette butts and condoms,
raking leaves, cleaning cafeteria tables and more duties without
inclusion of these activities in the child's IEP and also without
knowledge and consent on the part of their parents
– during school

This trash removal is generally used as a form of discipline
for general education students at these schools
. The schools entitle
this practice for special education students "recycling" or "grounds
beautification" or even "vocational training". We just found out and
are appalled! A number of general education students have already
expressed their concern over this treatment of the disabled students
at Puyallup schools to the father of one of these students. In a
similar case in the Evergreen School District Vancouver WA the sped
kids were referred to by Gen Ed kids as the "Drool Squad" per David
Gerard, Esq. of Disability Rights Washington, who has voiced his
willingness to assist with documentation from this case.

I will personally be picketing at Puyallup High School with a family
member of one of these children, Bernie Dalien, and ask that if you
wish to support this family in its efforts to expose this practice to
please join us between 1:30-3pm at Puyallup High School Monday,
October 13th. Please know that if you are the parent of a special
needs child and want such support when you are in need for your
child, your help is truly needed in this case. Here is former
coverage of this one family's plight:

My radio interview on KOMO Radio 1000 will hit the airwaves at 2pm
tomorrow (Friday) and KIRO TV might be on site on Monday. Please
contact me at 360-507-0944 and forward this to other families in the
Puyallup School District who may not be aware of these practices.

The public needs to know how their tax dollars are being spent.
These children are not being compensated, either. I guess we know
where the district budget cut savings are happening now, don't we?

Contacting the janitorial union as I type...

Best regards,
Therese Holliday
Executive Director
The Wyatt Holliday Foundation * http://www.ExceptionalFamilies.Net
Tel: (360) 507-0944

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