Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When is Physical Restraint or Seclusion Unacceptable?

Research Concensus indicates Physical Restraint and Seclusion are Unacceptable When:

1. a known medical or psychological condition contraindicates its use;

2. it is used as a means of punishment;

3. an adult is seeking student compliance to follow a school rule or staff directive;

4. escorting the student to a different location can be done safely;

5. the situation could be deescalated by removing others from the setting;

6. the student is engaged in aggressive verbal comments that do not lead to physical
aggression. A verbal threat does not constitute a physical danger unless a
student also demonstrates a means of or intent to carry out the threat.

7. the student is destroying property that does not pose a substantial risk of harm to self or others;

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