Thursday, January 29, 2009

PA: 5-Year-Old Leaves School Unnoticed, Found Wandering Streets

NOTE: The school knew this child was missing for an hour before someone reported it to the authorities...

Thursday, January 29, 2009 – updated: 11:33 pm EST January 29, 2009

PITTSBURGH -- A 5-year-old was found wandering the streets of Arlington without a coat on Thursday afternoon. A gas company worker spotted the child and called 911.

Police said the Brandon Williams was in gym class at Arlington Elementary School when he got upset about a disagreement with his teacher and walked out.

School Police Chief, Bob Fadzen, said it was nearly an hour before his department was notified the boy was missing.

Authorities believe the child had been missing for about an hour before he was found outside.

Police said the school determined the boy was missing when a teacher came into the gym to take students to the next class.

A spokesperson for the Pittsburgh Public Schools said teachers and administrators searched the entire building within minutes of Brandon’s disappearance never realizing he’d left school property.

The child is back home and is OK.

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