Saturday, November 21, 2009

KY: Police department investigates alleged sexual abuse on a school bus

Posted: 4:20 PM Nov 19, 2009

Two children are accused of sexually abusing another child on a school bus.

The alleged incident happened on a Clay County school bus a few weeks ago. Police say it happened during a trip to Hacker Elementary School.

The victim's mother is outraged. She says the bus ride for her child is only three miles, and during that time, her child should be safe.

"You think from the time that your child leaves your house, and they go to school, the person that is in charge of them should be able to keep them safe," the victim's mother said.

But a few weeks ago, this mother's five year-old child told her that they were sexually abused on the bus ride to school.

"I was shocked, I was angry, I wanted something done immediately," the victim's mother said.

The mother quickly informed the school and police. Manchester Police investigated and filed formal charges against the two children, ages 10 and 11.

One faces sexual abuse, indecent exposure, and terroristic threatening charges. The other faces one charge of harassment.

"Due to the ages of the students that are allegedly involved, our department will not comment on any details of the investigation at this time," Manchester Police Chief Jeff Culver said.

Chief Culver says the department does everything it can to prevent incidents like this from happening, but there are other ways to watch children.

"Every bus should have monitors, and some may need more than one monitor. Each complaint should be looked at more thoroughly," Culver said.

The victim's mother says she had to pull her child out of school because the child did not feel safe anymore.

"I gotta get my child back. Got to get my child back," the victim's mother said.

The mother says it may be a long time before her child feels safe again in a group setting.

The accused children are still at school. They will face their charges in juvenile court in the coming months.

The Clay County Schools superintendent was unavailable for comment.

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