Monday, November 9, 2009

OR: Mount Bachelor Academy's Future Unknown


By Rachel Azevedo

New developments related to the child abuse investigation into a therapeutic school for troubled teens east of Prineville. Mount Bachelor Academy's web site is now off line. When you type in the web address, you're directed to parent company, Aspen Educational Group. The state ordered the school to temporarily close Monday following nine substianted findings of child abuse and neglect.

Mount Bachelor Academy would not answer questions about a permanent closure, but did issue a revised statement Friday that says, quote:

"It is unfortunate that this one-of-a-kind program, which has been effective for so many, will no longer be available to teens and their families."

DHS has given the school 90 days to correct curriculum it found not in compliance with licensing standards. There are a dozen categories from behavior management to therapeutic services, all which list several corrective conditions.

"If those are not corrected satisfactorily within the time frame, then the agency will revoke Mount Bachelor Academy's license," said Gene Evans.

The school addressed findings by DHS that said students were forced to re-enact past trauma, both physical and sexual in nature.

Mount Bachelor Academy said, quote:

"It was designed to help kids confront the worst of their behaviors and take ownership of them, whether that be substance abuse, sexual acting out or other issues."

DHS says it sent its 200 page report to the Crook County Sheriff's Office Friday to review.

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