Saturday, December 5, 2009

CO: Students Reach New Heights at Lanigan Lift-off

December 4, 2009

Students in Lanigan Elementary School had a real ‘blast’ at the recent Lanigan Lift-Off program held at the school. This new program focuses on reinforcing the Fulton City School District’s Positive Behaviors and Interventions Services (PBIS) initiative, promoting a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) attitude and uniting the entire Lanigan student and staff family.

Students filled the cafeteria dancing and singing along to a mix of fun and inspirational songs that boomed through the cafeteria. Once each class had settled into their seats, the theme song from Space Odyssey filled the room as a group of teachers and Lanigan Elementary School Principal Dan Johnson descended from a space rocket onto the stage.

Head astronaut, sixth grade teacher Mr. Harry Meeker, started the program by reviewing the school’s four PBIS expectations: be respectful, be responsible, be safe, and be a problem solver and asked the students to uphold these expectations when then are not only in school, but at home and in the community.

Set to a NASA lift-off theme, each Lanigan Lift-off assembly aims to celebrate student accomplishments in a high energy, supportive environment. As part of the Lanigan Lift-off festivities, the school’s recognized the 310 students who have remained referral free since the beginning of the school year. Following a thunderous round of applause, Lanigan’s three new student teachers also performed a rap about positive school behavior. Wrapping up the assembly, student and staff members swayed back and forth as they sang The Climb and watched a slide show.

During these events, the entire student body including those classes currently housed at other elementary schools, comes together to celebrate Lanigan school spirit and promote the TEAM environment. Future Lanigan Lift-Offs are scheduled to take place during the school district’s upcoming half days in December and February.

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