Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Physical Restraint - Minimisation in Acute and Residential Care Facilities

From the Joanna Briggs Institute:

Volume 6, Issue 4, 2002 ISSN 1329 - 1874

There is a growing concern surrounding the use of physical restraint in health care institutions and many facilities have investigated ways in which the use of restraint can be reduced.

However, the information reported in the literature is at times inconsistent and a number of different approaches to restraint minimisation have been proposed. A systematic review focusing on physical restraint was conducted by The Joanna Briggs Institute.

This systematic review addressed a number of different issues, including:
  • Restraint Minimisation Programs
  • Components of Restraint Minimisation Programs
  • Restraint Alternatives
This Information Sheet Covers the Following Concepts:
  1. Restraint-free Care
  2. Restraint Minimisation
  3. Programs
  4. Restraint Education
  5. Restraint Alternatives
  6. Management of Specific
  7. Populations
  8. Multiple Support
  9. Activities

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