Wednesday, July 28, 2010

IL: PBIS in Harvard Park Elementary School

July 28, 2010

By Jennifer Searcy
Founder/Director of Public Policy & Affairs
The Coalition for Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

Harvard Park Elementary School, which is part of Springfield Public Schools, has made their "Behavior Expectations" brochure and their "PBIS Behavior Matrix" brochure available online.

Included in the Elementary School's PBIS policies are:

Child access to a "Safety Zone." This area allows children a "stress break" for up to 5 minutes, where children may "make positive decisions about their behavior" when they are feeling frustrated, angry, or overwhelmed.

"Gotchas." These certificates awarded to children when they are "caught" engaging in appropriate behaviors.

"Expectation Rotation Centers." This includes a walk-though of the school with demonstrations and modeling of appropriate behaviors in various environments within the school.

"Cool Tools." These skills and behaviors are taught to children, and include listening, showing respect, problem-solving, etc.

Monthly and quarterly celebrations are also held, in addition to teacher selection of "Student of the Week."

The "Behavior Expectations" brochure can be accessed here:

The "Behavior Matrix" brochure can be found here:

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