Monday, May 11, 2009

UT: Mom worries over alleged abuse of her 1st grade daughter by classmate

Reported by: Marcos Ortiz 
Last Update: 5/06 6:49 pm

KEARNS, Utah (ABC 4 News) - A six year old girl may have been abused and police are looking at her classmate as a suspect.

It happened last week at Bacchus Elementary in Kearns.

“They talked about wanting to have sex with her,” said Stephanie, the child’s mother. “They wanted to see under her pants and one boy threatened to beat her up if she show her underpants."

The mother said it was during recess last week. She said the boys, who were all in first grade, got her daughter in a corner.

"They were touching her because they had to pull her pants away for her,” she said.

What horrified her even more was when she learned another girl had been assaulted by the same boys.

"I went back to the school and they say what do you want us to do? I said I want them to protect my child so I went to police,” Stephanie said.

The Granite School District spokesperson said these types of investigations take time. But he said they’ve taken steps.

"One parent removed the boy and is being home schooled,” said Ben Horsley of the district. “At this point we can't take any more action."

He also said the other two first graders are suspended but will return to the classroom.

Meanwhile authorities said there's little they can do to bring charges against a six-year-old or their parents.

“The real struggle is the culpability with a six-year-old and their behavior,” said Lt. Don Hutson. “It's difficult for the system to deal with them when the kids hardly know what they're doing."

He said the state’s Department of Children and Family Services has been notified to investigate the situation at the boy’s home.

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