Monday, February 16, 2009

VIDEO: Restraint and Seclusion Behind Closed Doors

This is a fantastic, highly emotional, video my former partner, Phyllis from Families Against Restraint and Seclusion, created to help spread the word that these types of abusive practices must stop!

Please take a few moments to watch this YouTube Video...

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stargazer474 said...

Well seeing that i have had first hand experience with the "Professionals" of the Ohio School districts restraining my children and yes there have been cases where they have ben forced into a face down restraint I completely agree that this should be against the LAW!.. It seems that they use the excuse "Oh they were a danger to themselves or others" as an excuse every-time... and i know my Children are not in the wrong every-time this happens but as usual all the teachers and staff stick up for themselves so they wont "get into trouble"... and there is no way to prove who is in the right or in the wrong because there is no proof... that why i believe there should be a law passed that it be mandatory that al public school have CAMERAS!!! in ALL Hallways and in ALL Classrooms and so forth and make it available online where parents can log in at any time and check on the safety of there children ... and by doing this there will be no he said she said back and forth no proof arguments because everything will be recorded on Cameras... that way if the Child is in the wrong is can be proven and if the Adults are in the wrong it also can be Proven!!!!!!! GET CAMERAS IN OUR SCHOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!