Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MO: House To Take Up Spanking Bill

From KY3 Political Notebook:

Protecting teachers who use spanking to discipline their students is a major provision in the first education bill the House will take up Tuesday.
Rep. Maynard Wallace is the sponsor of HB 96.

It passed out of committee 13-0.
Supporters say that these measures will make it possible for school employees to focus on teaching without worrying about litigation. But Rep. Sara Lampe said there may be a move to add an amendment to not allow spanking or any type of corporal punishment.

That could spark a battle over "local control."

The bill "expands the reporting of acts of violence to all teachers."

And Also: "expands employee imunity from correctly following discipline policies, to following all policies."

In October 2007, the Texas County prosecutor said he could not charge a teacher for bruising an 11-year-old because current state law says spanking is not abuse.

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