Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sample Letter re Bullying & Harrassment

From Our Children Left Behind:


To: (Principal and School)


To (Principal),

This letter is to immediately request that my son,_______, be afforded all the protections under state and federal law to protect him from physical harassment, discrimination, and verbal abuse. It is my understanding that he has a right to learn in a safe and harm-free educational environment.

I have read information at the following link and I understand what our rights are and what the school's duties are: . It is also my understanding that school personnel have a duty to facilitate his protection and fully investigate all allegations of discrimination he and others report. I am now requesting that you protect my child from the various forms of physical and verbal abuse he has suffered at your school.

I am requesting that this protection begin immediately. Please place a copy of this letter in my child's educational records. I will assume you are taking the appropriate action from this date forward. If I am incorrect, I request you immediately notify me at the following address:

Advocate/Parent name


city, state, zip

phone #

I trust my child's protection to you; please do not let me down.



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