Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Special Report: 1:1 Aides in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

This information comes directly from Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools' website and appears to be their public declaration - supposedly supported by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction - to discourage the addition of 1:1 aides in the classroom for exceptional needs children. (Click on Additional Assistants link. This will open a PDF document.)


Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools does not provide individual assistants (typically referred to as 1:1 assistants). Rather each school (with at least 1 full time EC teacher) already has an additional assistant based on the number of students who have a separate level of service.

DPI has advised CMS to eliminate the practice of adding 1:1 assistants on an IEP. Instead, the following should be written on the DEC 5 when additional support is needed to meet the needs of a student: “CMS will provide adequate personnel to fulfill the goals and objectives on the IEP.”

Schools should consider the following in meeting the needs of students with disabilities:

Current school staff must be considered as a whole when meeting the needs of students. It may require reallocating staff to ensure that student needs are met.

Requests for additional assistants based on physical needs will be considered through the Related Services Specialist (Naia Ward 980-343-2731 or If appropriate, additional staff allotments will be provided up front based on the students’ physical needs. The goal is to utilize existing school staff in the most effective manner and to maximize each student’s access to the general education environment.

If a school based IEP team chooses to place a 1:1 assistant on a student’s IEP, the school will be responsible for either funding the position or re-allocating current staff.

Assistance in allocating staff and implementing creative scheduling is available through the EC Department. Principals can contact the grade level specialist for their school to request this assistance.

Elementary - Adrienne Dohn 980-343-2717

Middle - Stacie Levi 980-343-6164

High - Valerie Morgan 980-343-2679

If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact
Audrey Dillingham at 980-343-2686 or

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