Monday, October 26, 2009

CO: School secretary arrested for allegedly duct-taping child

DENVER - Denver Police have arrested a Palmer Elementary School secretary for allegedly duct-taping the mouth and hands of a 6-year-old student last week.

Jennifer Carter, 44, faces charges of Child Abuse and False Imprisonment, both misdemeanors

On Thursday, October 22, police received a report that 6-year-old Joshua Tenner had been duct taped at the school as punishment for being "too rowdy."

"I went to the school Wednesday to pick up Joshua and he came running down the hall to me in tears," the boy's mom, Ashlye Tenner, told FOX 31 after the incident.

"I couldn't believe what he was telling me so I went to ask the Principal what had happened. She told me when she came back from out door recess, she saw tape on his hands and mouth and she ordered it taken off."

Tenner says no one from the school ever called her to tell her about the 'punishment.' She had to learn about the issue from her son.

Tenner says her son's normal first grade teacher was on medical leave and so Josh's class had a series of substitute teachers last week. She thinks that is why some of the kids have been a bit rowdy.

"We will take strong action to address the matter if the allegations are substantiated," Denver Public Schools said in a press release last week.

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