Saturday, October 10, 2009

IL: Webber school behavior program under way

October 9, 2009


BLUFORD — During the first few weeks of implementing the positive behavior intervention system at Webber Township High School, office referrals have not decreased, but Superintendent Roger Pauley says there is a general feeling from all faculty and staff the school environment is “much improved” and students are more positive.

This fall, Webber implemented PBIS as a way to tackle references and improve student attendance and behavior. Pauley says though he does not have enough data yet, he and teachers agree the “atmosphere is a lot better than the last few years” at the school.

“We don’t know if we can contribute it to PBIS or not, but think we can,” he said. “There’s not enough data yet.”

Office referrals have increased, he said, but says he believes it is because teachers are more consistent regarding expected student behavior. When Pauley and teachers attended PBIS training last year, he said research showed schools should expect increased referrals as staff members learn more about expected behaviors across the board.

“Everyone’s on the same page,” he said.

But despite the increased referrals, Pauley said the students like the new PBIS system and are saving the reward tokens — which they can use to purchase items from the school store.

“I have asked different students and they always know exactly how much they have,” he said. “They have goals for these tokens and want to use them at the store. One student is saving up for a 400-token yearbook and another for a meal. We still have Cool Tools we teach twice a week and are still teaching behaviors and the students seem to respond well to that. We’re all encouraged by it.”

Webber Township High School will be holding a PBIS Celebration on Oct. 27, which will feature activities throughout the day at the school.

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