Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TX: State Board for Education Certification Search

Is your child's teacher or former teacher included in this database of educators who have had their teaching license revoked, surrendered their license in lieu of punishment, or received other disciplinary action?

You can find out by searching through the TX State Board for Education Certification Official Educator Search, which can be found here:


To search the database, you have to type in the teacher's full name (first and last) in the designated area and wait a short time for results. This is the only way to search for names through their website at this time. Unfortunately, Texas does not directly provide a listing of ALL the names included in their database for public viewing on their website like some other states do.

We hope your child never comes across a teacher who either is included in this database...or who should be. But if your child's teacher does appear in this database and we have not included them in our "list", could you please let us know at tcfpbis@gmail.com?


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